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Writer’s Block? Not sure where to start writing? Below you will find some ideas and ideas to write an original and successful book. Good reading and good writing.

Some articles do we have seen how to develop ideas for writing books that are successful, a valid aid for all those who are in a period of unproductivity or who are suffocated by the writer’s block. But what if this didn’t work? If you weren’t really able to invent the idea for a book?

In this case I’ll help you. Below you will find almost fifty ideas for writing books, novels and short stories, whether they are fantasy, thriller or pink. In addition to these you will also find great tips for writing a book and finding interesting ideas to start with.

Ideas for fantasy books

Analyzing the trend of recent years we can see how the fantasy narrative is proceeding on two different tracks: on one side the urban fantasy track, inaugurated by Twilight and declined in all the subgenres (utopia, dystopia and ucronia), from the another the track of gothic fantasy, novels characterized by darker and more mature atmospheres, at Game Of Thrones to be clear. To be successful and find ideas and ideas from which to start writing you can start right here.

However, great originality and freshness are needed. Here are some ideas:

Slumbering dwarves in the mountains wake up, finding themselves in a completely different world that has forgotten them.

An ancient prophecy tells the end of the world. How much is true and how can the planet be saved?

The black magic has made its way into the Valley of the Wizards and now they find themselves fighting something they thought they had defeated.

The Queen of the Elven world has been abducted by orcs, who took advantage of the war between humans and Elves to proceed with revenge against their oldest rivals.

The High Elf let himself die. Now all the peoples are fighting for the throne.

The magic is beginning to fade. What is going to happen?

A boy discovers that his father is a demon hunter who killed his wife after discovering that she was also a demon. What will the child do when he discovers he has inherited his mother’s genes?

A boy discovers he is able to stop time. But there is a military force that tries to kill all those who have that power.

A sect of magicians has decided to take control of humans, considering them too stupid.

The Enchanted World exists but military forces are trying to suppress it. It will be up to a boy born from the union between a human and a magical creature to help the enchanted kingdom.

Ideas for science fiction books

If you are about to immerse yourself in the adventure of writing a science fiction novel, know that you are facing a boundless pool of ideas. This is the beauty of science fiction, that is, it has no limit, except that marked by the imagination of the writer.

There is a whole universe to talk about, planets to visit, galaxies in which to set galactic wars. There are endless alien races, endless weapons. There really is everything.

For this reason it is difficult to give ideas, because it would be an endless list. I write five of them just to give you some general ideas.

A chip inserted into the cyborgs’ brains pushes them to kill humans.

Ancient beings come to earth claiming authority. A war in the skies is about to break out as alien ground and water troops begin to land on Earth.

Space pirates have stolen the moon. What will happen on earth but, above all, how will the expedition lead to find it?

A universal conference has been convened. During the conference, you will discover that the entire universe is being swept away.

The Robot Congregation has subjected the Milky Way that now rules with an iron fist. It will be up to the rebellion to fight and win the robots to regain control of their own galaxy.

Ideas for yellow books

Yellow books and stories are very difficult for me to write, although I really appreciate the genre itself. By direct experience I believe it is one of the most difficult genres to be faced but that, despite this, offers many ideas from which to start, this being also a broad genre.

The murder victim is also the culprit, but all the evidence seems to lead to other culprits.

The murder weapon is carbon dioxide, which leaves no mark, yet something suggests that it was a murder.

A family man wakes up on the ground completely bleeding with a knife in his hand. Next to him the lifeless bodies of his family. He is certain he is not the culprit, but how can he prove it?

The culprit is the agent investigating the case, who tries in every way to divert the evidence. It will be the victim’s daughter to conduct the investigation, not trusting her father’s “old friend”.

A cloistered nun is found hanging from the ceiling of the church next to the convent. Many mysteries will be revealed, like the true identity of the nun.

Ideas for novels Rosa

Love novels have always been characterized by having a simple and linear plot and an equally light shape. This is why this literary genre is often trivialized. Today, however, we are in trouble when we think of writing a romance novel, because many, too many things have already been said.

Finding an original inspiration for a love novel is not a simple thing, because pink literature seems to have already investigated every plot. My advice on this is three:

1. Set the love story in the past, in a precise historical era so as to make it more interesting.

2. Take inspiration from your life, from your experience. Your grandparents, your parents, the people around you: everyone could hide a story from which to start.

3. Fund multiple genres together. Write a romance novel set in a fantasy or science fiction context, which can create new ideas and ideas to make it happen. The film “The Bicentennial Man” is for me one of the best examples.

Having said that below you will find 7 ideas to kick off your romance.

Two boys, always in love with each other, have never had the courage to talk to each other and declare themselves. After years they are on a dating app with fake profiles. When they meet, something incredible will happen.

The typical Bad Boy falls in love with a shy and insecure girl, who does not trust him. Strong in the love that animates him, he will show all his love in tests of trust out of his mind.

Two elders I understand that too many things went wrong in their relationship and after having retraced all the good and bad moments of their life they decide to start it again and do all the things they had always dreamed of but put aside.

After a romantic dinner a couple skids and ends up astray. The husband loses his memory and forgets about marriage. You will have to be able to win it back.

United States of South America. The wife of the typical landowner falls in love with one of her black slaves.

During the winter holidays two friends of the same company, who cannot stand each other, remain trapped in a hotel.

A white man and a black woman unite secretly and give birth to a child. The two peoples, having discovered it, will hunt down the two to kill the child born of an impure union.

Ideas and general ideas

Before concluding I would like to give you some advice to stimulate your mind and help you create ideas and interesting ideas to use as a basis for your novels.

1. My first advice is to take inspiration from your life. Everyone lives a state of mind, an experience or an adventure that can serve as a cue to devise a winning plot. All you have to do is put it in an original context and be able to use it to make it more interesting.

2. The second point that comes to me to suggest you to write a book is to look at the news and history. Look at the crimes for example, maybe the unsolved ones: these would be great ideas for interesting and engaging plots. But even historical events can be. And if you ever want to, you can write a book even on a painting or on a ballad. Remember: fantasy has no boundaries.

3. The third piece of advice is valid above all for fantasy / science fiction stories and novels and consists in taking inspiration from mythology, whatever it may be. The gods and legends represent a veritable collection of ideas, from which it will probably never stop drawing. An example of a fantasy novel inspired by mythology is American Gods by Neil Gaiman, personally one of the best fantasy writers of all time.

I hope with all my might that this long list of ideas and ideas for writing a book could have helped you and that thanks to it you got the inspiration! Let me know if I’ve been useful

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